What is Home Performance

Home performance is both a philosophy and science based on the premise that homes should be safe, healthy, comfortable, durable and energy efficient. We have based our company name – Advantage Home Performance – on this approach to solving problems and delivering results for our customers.

Insulation Failure Case Study

Just how bad can attic insulation be in Phoenix and Prescott Arizona? Pretty darn bad. This short case study of a house in Mesa Arizona epitomizes just how extreme the problems can be. This educational video tells a story of fraud, neglect and ignorance. The quality of the workmanship is appalling. Most houses are not this bad, however most house built before 2000 have attic insulation problems.

A better way to purchase a heating and AC system

In this two-minute video Advantage Home Performance introduces a more proactive and comprehensive way to purchase a new heating and air conditioning system. By addressing the common problems that plague most homes over 15 years old, homeowners can improve the comfort, efficiency and indoor air quality of their homes. This short video illustrates exactly what you should expect in both a home assessment and an HVAC estimate.

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