Advantage Home Performance Core Values
Core Values In Action

Our core values and beliefs inform everyone who works at Advantage Home Performance. They directly influence our decisions, our customer interactions and our work. Our core values are authentic and shared. We don’t simply pay lip service to our core values like many companies – we live them. At Advantage Home Performance we are uncompromising in our pursuit of always trying to do the right thing by our customers and co-workers.

The Company’s Biggest Asset

Our biggest asset is not reflected on the company’s balance sheet – our company culture. We are not one of these companies that focus on profit as the expense of what is truly important. You can listen to what our employees say about what is important at Advantage Home Performance in our video on our home page titled “Our Company Culture.” You can see from these unrehearsed interviews with front line employees, they know that quality work and great customer service is paramount at Advantage Home Performance.

The following is a short list of a few of the core values and beliefs that shape our customers, co-worker and supplier interactions. This is what you can expect from Advantage Home Performance.

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At Advantage Home Performance we will never stop working at building a culture of integrity. We also believe that integrity must manifest itself in our work and in all of our relationships. We want our crews and the results we deliver for our customers to be worthy of respect.



Our goal is deliver great results at a fair price. Listen to “Our Customers Say it Best” video or read some of our reviews that show we deliver on our promise.



Good intentions without in-depth HVAC and building science knowledge don’t lead to quality solutions. This is what separates us from most HVAC companies. Mike Uniacke taught building science for over a decade as an adjunct faculty member at Yavapai Community College. We have spent the past 20 years solving comfort complaints, high utility bills, indoor air quality problems, moisture issues, radon … We possess the experience, technical knowledge and diagnostic tools to solve problems.



It is not in our DNA to perform average or mediocre work. We pride ourselves on performing quality work. Our work is a reflection of what we stand for in the marketplace.



We are constantly in search of quality information that we can share with our customers. Our HVAC and weatherization work in the Phoenix area has made us a much better company due to the aggressive inspection process. Our Energy Star HVAC projects in new construction consist of taking a mechanical system from design, through construction to commissioning. This process has been extremely informative because commissioning and customer feedback is a way to validate what works and what doesn’t. We bring these insights to our customers

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All businesses, governments, organizations,… make mistakes. It is a sad fact of life. We hate making mistakes; however, we also believe people and organizations are defined by how they respond to their mistakes. At Advantage Home Performance we go to great lengths, if we make a mistake, to make it right with our customers.
Core value maintenance is a never ending process. Every day we have to prove what we stand for in the marketplace. One of the ways we maintain our core values is by hiring people who embody these values (see our Employment Section). Co-workers who don’t buy-in to our core values don’t last long at this company. They leave on their own accord or are their employment is terminated. We can’t afford to have employees representing the company who don’t embrace our core values – the cost is too high.

See Our Core Values At Work

We are strong advocates of quality and ethical work. We believe the technical articles and advocacy on behalf of homeowners speak volumes about Advantage Home Performance. You can see our core values manifest themselves in the short video “Our Customers Say it Best,” our “Reviews,” and “Our Guarantee.” We take genuine pride in delivering quality work for our customers. Our crews respect our customers and our customer’s property. Our crews are clean, polite and conscientious. For this reason we have very few, if any, dis-satisfied customers. You can also see our core values at work in the publications we have written and our appearance on Dateline NBC. Mike Uniacke, the owner of Advantage Home Performance wrote the article, Cheating: The Insulation Industry’s Dirty Secret. He has been on Dateline NBC as an insulation expert and a consumer advocate.

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