Our customer service, company integrity and technical capabilities make us the #1 choice for your Tucson Heating and Cooling needs.

For reliable heating and cooling in Tucson, look no further. We have over a decade of experience serving Arizona and can help you with any Tucson heating and cooling problem. From regular maintenance to emergency repairs, our heating and cooling services in Tucson, AZ are designed to cater to all your needs.

Tucson's climate demands a dual approach. Our heating and air conditioning services in Tucson ensure that you remain comfortable regardless of the season. Whether it's the chill of winter or the heat of summer, our team is ready to assist with the best technology and customer service available. Check out our company’s 5 Star Google Reviews, BBB Listing or our website for what our customers have to say about us.

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HVAC Tucson - Solving Your Comfort Problems

At Advantage Home Performance, one of our primary goals is to help you optimize the performance of both your Tucson HVAC system and home for comfort and lower utility bills.

For more proactive homeowners who don’t wait for their HVAC system to fail, we take pride in helping them improve comfort, efficiency and ultimately the value of their homes. We specialize in indoor air quality, insulation, and mini-split installation, and for whole home systems, we are a Premier Lennox dealer.

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Air Conditioner Repair in Tucson: Get a Quick Response from Our #1 Tucson Heating & Air Conditioning Repair Team

Tucson's hot summers can tax any air conditioning system. With our hotter summer temperatures, it’s important to make sure your AC system continues to operate at peak efficiency for your comfort while keeping your utility bills as low as possible. Our Tucson Heating and Cooling AC repair and replacement experts at Advantage Home Performance are here to help with anything from unexpected problems to installation of a new unit, if needed.

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Tucson HVAC - Our Flat Rate and No Surprise Pricing

At Advantage Home Performance we only use flat rate pricing. Flat rate pricing means you pay a fixed, flat rate for a repair no matter how long the technician takes to complete the job.

We developed flat rate pricing so that Tucson HVAC homeowners would know the cost upfront, before work begins. Flat rate pricing eliminates unpleasant surprises that come from higher than expected bills after the work has been performed. It is our company policy that no work be performed without the approval of the homeowner.

Our technicians doing air conditioner repair in Tucson do not work on commission, meaning that you get honest recommendations, and they focus on the repair at hand instead of selling you services and equipment you don't need.

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Our Tucson Heating and Cooling Technicians Can Improve Your Home Performance

Your home should be healthy, safe and comfortable, while maintaining efficiency to keep your utility bills as low as possible.

We have based our company name – Advantage Home Performance – on this approach to whole home analysis, solving problems and delivering results for our customers.

Your Tucson HVAC system is just one component in the home evaluation process. When evaluating your home’s energy efficiency and comfort, we also analyze your insulation and duct leakage. These factors, along with indoor air quality, contribute to the health, safety and comfort of your home.

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Tax Credits Available for Tucson HVAC Improvements

Did you know that there are a number of rebates and incentives available to improve the energy efficiency of your home? The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 significantly expands and extends energy efficiency and clean energy tax credits for new and existing homes. For instance, homeowners can get a 30% tax credit up to $1,200 annually for air sealing, insulation and other improvements. Advantage Home Performance is your local expert for utility, state and federal rebate and incentive programs.

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