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by Jim McClure on Advantage Home Performance
Excellent Work..Very Professional!!

This is a follow-up from a previous review. I felt obligated to share due to Superior results. I've been in my home for 16 years. I have two rooms that have been so unbearable (hot during the summer, cold during the winter) that my kids couldn't be in the rooms for a period of time. Dennis and his crew did an Excellent job with the AC/Heat ducts. Now that our repairs have been resolved, my kids have expressed that they get a good night sleep now their rooms are nice and cool. Now the air flows through the vents much more efficiently. Thank you again, Dennis and Advantage Home Performance for a job well done!!----Jim McClure

by Amy McClure on Advantage Home Performance
Friendly, Courteous, and Professional!!

Advantage Home Performance recently did some duct and AC work at my home. They were courteous, friendly, listened to our concerns through the process, and did an excellent job. I appreciate the attention to detail and professionalism from the workers. I highly recommend them for your home repairs.-----Amy McClure

by Dan & Ruthie Blauvelt on Advantage Home Performance
Thank you to your great teams!

With customer service waning nowadays, it is truly a joy to have someone doing what they enjoy and taking pride in their work. Thank you to the great teams you had at our house."

by The walkers on Advantage Home Performance
So Happy with the Results!

We are so happy with the results of your work we can’t believe it. Our outrageous electric bill went from $384 a month, to $140 a month. As well the house temperatures are balanced for the first time in ten years. The room temperatures are relatively the same.

Excellent contractor

Excellent contractor. All work was timely including scheduling, quotation, and performance. All staff were extremely professional and personable. Intricate duct replacement and sealing in a confined crawl space was done efficiently. Can't say enough good things about these people. Will definitely use them for all future work.

by Larry Johnson on Advantage Home Performance

We live in Walker, 8 miles South of Prescott, 2,000 feet higher, at least 10 degrees colder. When we built our house 5 years ago we had the "best" York furnace installed. We started having problems with it just a few weeks after it was installed, the same problem we've had ever since - until just a few weeks ago when Advantage finally fixed it. Whenever we turned up the thermostat the combustion chamber would start up, the exhaust fan for it would start up, but the main fan that blows warm air through the ducts would not come on. The furnace would get stuck in some kind of error loop. From that point on, nothing done to the thermostat had any effect. You could smell the intense heat, like steel was melting, but nothing was blowing through the house. The only way to fix it was to reset the furnace. There is no RESET button and no ON/OFF switch. You had to crawl into the basement, see the red error lights on the main circuit board, unplug the unit, wait 5 minutes, then plug it back in. The work-around was to only up the temp by 2 degrees at a time, which was not so great when you started at 45 degrees and had to wait 10 minutes before you could up it by another 2 degrees so it wouldn't go into error mode. But it didn't always fail, and unplugging didn't always fix it. You'd think that with such a specific problem it could be fixed. For the first year, under the manufacturer's warranty, the original installer came out dozens of times. They replaced the flame sensor, the condensation pump, disconnected the humidifier, reworked the plumbing... they even redid some of the duct work. The problem remained. After a year they went out of business - this was a large company at the time. Their "service" ended. I had three other companies come out. None of them could fix it. The problem was intermittent - the worst kind. For the last three years we had been spending our Winters in Phoenix so the problem wasn't so much of an issue. Then we decided to live in Walker full time. With several feet of snow on the ground in the Winter, a reliable furnace is a must. We got estimates to just replace the whole unit that ranged from $20,000 to $25,000. I decided to give it one last try. I called Advantage. Kevin came out and went over everything. We couldn't get it to fail when he was there. He checked the voltages on the main circuit board. Everything was working just fine. Then he noticed that some of the components on the board were discolored. Some were light brown, some dark brown - an indication of overheating. We decided to replace the main circuit board. It took a few days to get there, and - of course - it was a completely different design from the original. It didn't fit. The connections were in the wrong place; the cables were not long enough; the mounting holes were in the wrong place. Kevin made it fit. He turned it on and TA DA! It worked. It was always a 2-stage fan, but we'd never had the second stage working. It's been working flawlessly ever since. Their full name is Advantage Home Performance. Their office is on Commerce Drive. Their number is (888) 445-3866. So would I recommend Advantage? The better question is: why would you deal with anyone else?