In Pursuit of Comfort, Efficiency and Healthy Indoor Air Quality

At Advantage Home Performance one of our primary goals is to help you optimize the performance of both your HVAC system and home in terms of comfort, efficiency and situation. For more proactive homeowners who don’t wait for their HVAC system to fail, we take pride in helping them improve comfort, efficiency and ultimately the value of their homes.

Heating and Air Conditioning Customers
Quality HVAC Installation in PRESCOTT & PHOENIX
When it comes to your heating and cooling systems, we know that the quality of equipment installation has the most significant bearing on performance. That is why we approach every HVAC installation in Prescott and Phoenix with the utmost attention to detail. We’ll look at the whole home to determine which equipment is best suited for your home, and perform the necessary calculations to properly size your equipment. We’ll also check your ducts and recommend duct sealing and modifications as needed to help you get the most from your new unit.
Simple & Honest Maintenance & Repair
When you properly maintain your HVAC equipment, you’ll get the most from your investment. We can perform annual maintenance on your heating and cooling systems to keep them running at their best for longer. At times when your equipment does need to be repaired, we’ll help you decide whether it’s time for a repair or a replacement, depending on the age of your equipment. At Advantage, we offer flat-rate pricing with every repair, which means you’ll pay a fixed rate regardless of how long the technician takes to complete the repair. Unlike many HVAC companies, our service technicians are not paid on a commission basis, so they do not have any incentive to sell homeowners upgrades and repairs they do not need.
More Than a New Heating or AC System
At Advantage Home Performance, we understand that HVAC installation is about more than just a new heating or AC unit. It’s about improving the comfort, efficiency and indoor air quality of your home. Wherever you live in the Prescott to Phoenix areas, you can trust us with your HVAC installation. In addition to installing new HVAC equipment, we can recommend and perform energy saving improvements such as sealing air leaks, installing insulation, and making duct modifications to optimize your home’s performance. You’ll get more from your HVAC equipment while making your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

What Our Customers are Saying:

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A better way to purchase a heating and AC system
In this two-minute video Advantage Home Performance introduces a more proactive and comprehensive way to purchase a new heating and air conditioning system. By addressing the common problems that plague most homes over 15 years old, homeowners can improve the conform, efficiency and indoor air quality of their homes. This short video illustrates exactly what you should expect in both a home assessment and an HVAC estimate.
Consumer Advocates and Insulation Experts
In 2000, Mike Uniacke was featured in a NBC Dateline expose on fraud in the insulation industry. The appearance on Dateline resulted from an article Mike wrote in Home Energy Magazine titled "Cheating - The Insulation Industry's Dirty Secret." This tradition of doing the right thing by the homeowner and the industry continues at Advantage Home Performance. In 2019 Advantage Home Performance won the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Business Ethics.

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