With average temperatures exceeding 100 degrees nearly a third of the year, it’s crucial that your air conditioning be efficient. Otherwise, the homeowner will pay dearly. But, believe it or not, the efficiency of your mechanical equipment is not nearly as critical if you’ve taken the time to incorporate a number of intelligent strategies to reduce your cooling load.

That’s what Advantage Home Performance is all about and where we surpass many other Phoenix air conditioning contractors. Advantage is an experienced expert at not only installing high quality equipment, but making your whole house function more efficiently.

To give you an idea of how we can help with the unusual demands of Phoenix air conditioning, here’s a brief overview of five problem areas. (They’re covered more in depth in our article on Cooling Load Reduction.) And, remember, before you even consider any of these strategies, and to serve as a guide as to how best to help you, your first step would always be to perform an energy audit.

The most cost effective cooling load reduction strategies are:

  • Quality insulation
  • Tight duct work
  • Quality air barriers
  • Solutions to deal with room pressurization in single-return homes.
  • Shade screens

We invite you to check out the services we offer.  By successfully applying these solutions to your home, you will achieve a level of efficiency and comfort most homeowners are not accustomed to. Because the sad truth is that the Phoenix air conditioning installation and repair community does a poor job of keeping the heat out of homes. We tend to encounter the same basic problems again and again: inadequate insulation, air barrier issues, duct leakage, door closure in single-return homes, and a lack of solar control. It is our observation that there are few contractors who are clearly assessing the whole house and coming up with whole house solutions specific to a customer’s home.

We’re confident that in many homes in Phoenix, we could reduce the cooling load by 15% to 35%. It is not a difficult task, given that there are so many lost opportunities to cost effectively reduce a home’s cooling load. At to top it off, if your home has legitimate problems, you would most likely be eligible for rebates for four out these five recommendations.

It doesn’t make sense to spend thousands on high efficiency HVAC equipment without addressing the shortcomings and energy inefficiencies in your home at the same time. Funny enough—the most efficient air conditioning unit on the market is the one that doesn’t need to run. Be energy smart and let Advantage Home Performance help. In a city as hot as Phoenix, you need all the air conditioning help you can get!

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