air conditioner maintenanceWhen you invest in HVAC maintenance you are being proactive. Annual maintenance reduces the chance you will need to invest in emergency repairs. During a Phoenix heat wave or a Prescott cold snap, emergency service is stressful and disruptive. At Advantage Home Performance we recommend that you avoid a cooling or heating crisis and have your heating and cooling system maintained every Spring and Fall.

A properly maintained heating and cooling system is one of the best ways to prevent unnecessary breakdowns and repair? In fact, HVAC maintenance is another way to lower your operating and repair costs throughout the entire cooling and heating seasons. A well maintained HVAC system will run at peak performance and extend the life of the equipment.


Why you need to Maintain Your System

When your HVAC system isn’t well maintained, it incurs more wear and tear. This is because it must work harder to keep your home comfortable, consuming more electricity in the process. An AC system with undercharged refrigerant, for example, can consume 20%, more electricity and drive up your utility bills.

Improper system maintenance can also cause system breakdowns, incurring costly repairs. Advantage Home Performance HVAC technicians are highly trained and skilled in identifying HVAC issues before larger problems develop and all aspects of AC service. Loose or burnt wires or unexplained refrigerant leaks commonly cause a larger issue to form like a motor failure. Diagnosing these problems early can prevent a more costly repair. Our technicians can also give you AC maintenance tips that can help extend the life of your equipment. Many manufacturers require a working history of the unit when submitting warranty claims. By letting us manage your maintenance, a warranty claim can be processed and approved more successfully.

Why become an Advantage Home Performance Maintenance Program Member

  • It is easy to lose track of time as we go about our busy everyday activities. Advantage Home Performance will send out friendly reminders when it is time to have a maintenance performed.
  • Priority service-365 days a year
  • 10% off system enhancements and repairs
  • No overtime charge
  • Worry-free, preseason scheduling (Spring/Fall)
  • 2 year parts and labor warranty (repairs)
  • A $50 dollar per year credit for consecutive years – up to $250 on a new heating or cooling system.

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