Advantage Home Performance works in APS, SRP, Southwest Gas and UniSource territories and for this reason we are familiar with all four utility rebate programs in Arizona. Although these utility audit and rebate programs are very similar programs, there are differences and sometimes it takes an experienced auditor who has inspected your home to tell you exactly what rebates you are eligible for. The rebates are a great way to offset the cost of making your house more comfortable and energy efficient.

The rebates for insulation and air sealing in both the APS and SRP are calculated at 75% of the cost of each repair with a maximum rebate not to exceed $250.   If you have a house with significant air barrier and insulation repairs, and you meet other program requirements, you’ll be eligible for $500 in rebates (see other sections for duct sealing rebates, shade screens rebates and HVAC rebates)

The only way to take advantage of these rebates is to have a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR energy audit completed. Advantage Home Performance provides these audits. The audit costs only $99 dollars because it is being subsidized by your utility. See our Audit & Services video for an overview of this process. At Advantage Home Performance we believe these audit and rebate programs are a great value for homeowners.

If you don’t have legitimate insulation problems, you won’t be eligible for insulation rebates. According to all the utilities, your attic insulation must have an R-19 or less to be eligible for an insulation rebate. In some cases you’ll have close to enough blown insulation, but a combination of common insulation defects that reduce your effective R-value below an R-19. Once again this is where an auditor is critical at making determinations as to what you are eligible for.

All of the utilities require that insulation improvements be made in combination with air sealing unless documentation can prove that air sealing is unnecessary; if we test a house that has insulation problems, but is relatively tight we can provide the rebates for insulation without air sealing.

Utility customers who are eligible to receive rebates from two utilities (as opposed to one) are the big winners. For example a customer in Phoenix who take advantage of both ASP and Southwest gas rebates or a customer in Prescott who can take advantage of APS and UniSource rebates.

When a customer can take advantage of rebates from two utilities, they really can offset the cost of the job. We had a customer in Northern Arizona whose total envelope repairs cost a total of $2,665. This customer took advantage of both APS and UniSource rebates and they only paid $781. The cost of the job was reduced 71% because they received $1,884 in rebates.

Once again, I need to reiterate that we can’t tell you what rebates you are eligible for without performing an audit on your home. There are a variety of terms and conditions that must be met in order to take advantage of these rebates. Although I will share the utilities requirements in this section of our website it can get a little confusing.We have provided links to the utility websites as well so you can do more research on your own.


APS offers rebates up to $250 to upgrade attic insulation to R-30 when the existing insulation has an effective R-value of less than R-19. In order to qualify for insulation rebates, customers must seal air leaks first to ensure maximum insulation performance.APS offers rebates up to $250 for air sealing that reduces infiltration and improves insulation performance. VIEW


SPR’s rebates are identical to APS.SRP has some other rebate programs that are worth looking at on their website.


UniSource offers the most generous rebates. The air sealing rebate is 50% of installed cost, up to $250. Air sealing with insulation is 50% of installed costs up to $800

UES has three conditions which must be met for a house to be eligible for rebates. The first is that the home must be built in 2005 or earlier. The second condition is that the home and guest house dwelling must not exceed a combined total of 3,500 square feet. The third requirement is that the house can’t be a UES Energy Smart Home. VIEW

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