The Manual J load calculation process is the gold standard in the HVAC industry for properly sizing a heating and cooling system. Conducting a load calculation eliminates the risk of oversizing or under-sizing a heating and cooling system. Industry experts all say bigger is not better when it comes to HVAC systems.

The load calculation determines how much cooling or heating your home will need when the weather is at its hottest or coldest. Homes with proper insulation, airtight duct work, solar control, … don’t need as much capacity, which helps you save energy and money. These homes are also more comfortable.

What’s Involved

graphicThe load calculation involves measuring up a house and assessing its windows, insulation levels, …. This is why our salespeople inspect your glazing, attic insulation, ductwork, air barrier … You cannot perform a proper load calculation without a thorough inspection of the entire home

The Manual J load calculation software returns a value that helps us determine the best size unit for your home. Once the load is established for a house a companion process called Manual D duct design can be utilized to properly size for the ductwork. Ducts that are too small are noisy and those that are too large won’t have the air pressure they need to deliver the conditioned air at the required velocity.

The Benefits

A central HVAC system that has been sized carefully will last longer, give you more comfort and use less energy. When you oversize the new equipment, it’s much more likely to break down more often, drive up energy bills and provide uneven temperatures throughout a home. Cooling equipment uses a lot of electricity when it first starts, which stresses the parts and drives up electrical bills. If it’s too small, the system won’t be able to effectively cool or heat your home during weather extremes.

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