Our Guarantee

At Advantage Home Performance we value our customers. This is our pledge to you. We guarantee the following:

    1. You and your property will be treated with respect.


    1. Our pricing is fair. We do not gouge consumers. We do not prey upon uninformed consumers by charging exorbitant prices.


    1. We won’t sell you a product or service we don’t think you need. For instance we don’t sell certain types of air filters, radiant barriers, attic fans…


    1. The quality of our work will be worthy of respect.


    1. Our crews will be trained, clean, courteous and punctual.


    1. If we make mistakes, we’ll take ownership of them and make it right with our customers.


  1. We won’t embarrass you if you recommend us to a friend or a customer.

My name is Mike Uniacke and I’m the owner of Advantage Home Performance. If we come up short in any of these categories please feel free to send me an e-mail at mike.u@ahpinc.pro. I promise I’ll respond to your concern.

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