Are New Heating Systems Really That Much More Energy Efficient?

Ever wondered if upgrading your heating system could make your Arizona home more energy efficient? Today’s heating systems are more efficient than ever before, and with the right heating system and HVAC contractor, you can significantly improve energy savings in your home.

Advantages of a High Performance Heating System

The right HVAC equipment can give you greater energy savings and lower utility bills. An ENERGY STAR qualified furnace, for example, is 15% more efficient than a conventional furnace. Upgrading your HVAC equipment can also stabilize indoor temperatures and reduce dust and allergen levels in the home, keeping you and your family healthier. A new system may also operate much more quietly than your existing system.

When upgrading the heating system in your home, be sure that you are working with a trusted contractor who will take the care necessary to install your new heating system correctly. The integrity of your contractor and quality of installation will have a much greater bearing on the performance of your heating system than the equipment itself will. In addition, be sure that you are working with a contractor who will perform a load calculation to properly size your heating system equipment. Determining the proper size of equipment before installation is crucial for maximizing energy efficiency in any home.

Taking a Comprehensive Approach to Energy Efficiency

A high performance heating system will definitely conserve energy in your home, but your heating system should not be the only focus as you seek to make your home more energy efficient. If you really want to maximize energy savings in your home, it’s important to take a more comprehensive approach. Making sure your attic is well insulated, for example, will help keep heated air from escaping through the roof of your home during the winter. Properly sealing your ductwork, meanwhile, will eliminate air leakage in your HVAC systems, thus making these systems run even more efficiently. Remember — the most efficient heating system is the one that doesn’t have to run frequently because the house is well insulated and has minimal air leakage. So if you want to maximize the efficiency of your heating system, be sure you are taking a comprehensive approach to energy efficiency in your home.

Wherever you live in the greater Phoenix or Prescott area, Advantage Home Performance is ready to help you make your heating system more energy efficient. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you find the best energy-saving solutions for your home and budget.

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