At Advantage Home Performance we know we can’t deliver on our guarantee to our customers without having great people on our staff.For the individual with the right temperament, values and work ethic, Advantage Home Performance might be a great place to work. We strive to do the right thing by our coworkers, our customers and our craft.

We are always looking for people who have a passion for doing quality work and strong values who presently work in an environment that is unsatisfying. If you are unhappy performing mediocre work in work environments that are defined by pettiness, bickering and other forms of immature behavior, you should consider working at Advantage Home Performance.

We have cultivated a work environment that is worthy of respect. We believe in the precepts in Professor Robert Sutton’s book, The No Ass Hole Rule. We realize the modern workforce is beset with complainers, know-it-alls and knuckle-heads. At Advantage Home Performance we don’t tolerate these types of people. We have a zero tolerance for arrogance, bigotry and rudeness among our coworkers. Immaturity in whatever form it manifests itself in will not be tolerated.

Everyone who works at Advantage Home Performance is treated with respect and dignity. Our crews all get along quite well with one another. We invest heavily in training for those who are interested in professional growth. For these reasons the retention level is very high at the company. Our work environment is far from perfect, but comparatively it is pretty good.

Our crews who have been with the company for a while also know when we have a miss-hire. Our crews will politely signal if someone is not working out. If we hire someone and they don’t adhere to the company’s core values they are let go or leave on their own accord. We don’t saddle great employees with people who lack discipline and who have negative attitudes.

We encourage anyone considering employment at Advantage Home Performance to watch the short video on our home page called “Our Company Culture”. In this unscripted video my co-workers talk about what is important at Advantage Home Performance. Ask yourself, is what these crews are saying resonating with you. If so, would you be happier working at a company like Advantage Home Performance?

As the owner of Advantage Home Performance I’m constantly in search of talented technicians who would be a cultural fit. It is one of my most important jobs. We can always bring on more work; the hard part is finding people who share our uncompromising commitment to delivering both a great customer experience and quality work.

If you are an exceptional HVAC technician or salesman, but are unhappy with the way your present company treats customers and your co-workers and if you like what you have seen and read on this website, email Mike Uniacke, the owner of Advantage Home Performance, and ask for a meeting over the phone or in person. We are always looking for “exceptional” HVAC technicians and insulators who want to become part of our tribe.

Positions we are currently trying to fill:

  1. HVAC Service Tech in Glendale
  2. HVAC Service Tech in Prescott
  3. Auditor / salesman in Glendale
  4. Retrofit HVAC installation technician

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