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Common Attic Insulation Defects

There are about ten common insulation problems that we routinely identify when performing insulation estimates and energy audits. If a homeowner wants a quality insulation job, then all of these insulation defects must be identified and dealt with during the repair process. In this section of our website we will provide a brief overview of … Continue reading “Common Attic Insulation Defects”

A Quality Retrofit Attic Insulation Job

Having your attic reinsulated is not like having tile installed in your foyer or carpet in your living room. You can watch the tile and carpet be installed and carefully study the final product for installation defects. Insulation is different. Most consumers will never go up into their attic to make sure the job was … Continue reading “A Quality Retrofit Attic Insulation Job”

Insulating With Spray Cellulose

In the hierarchy of the building trades, insulation contractors are often considered about half a step above the porta-john guy. That’s because insulation is one of the most taken-for-granted systems in a house. It’s installed in exterior walls one day and covered up with sheetrock the next, and few municipalities have substantive insulation inspections. The … Continue reading “Insulating With Spray Cellulose”

Q&A – January JLC 2003 Flashing An Arched Window

Q. What’s the best way to flash an arch-topped window? A. Builder and designer Carl Hagstrom replies: The slickest way I’ve found to flash a circle-top window is to use DuPont FlexWrap, a flexible flashing tape from the makers of Tyvek housewrap. I refer to FlexWrap as “peeland- stick on steroids.” Like generic peel-and-stick, FlexWrap … Continue reading “Q&A – January JLC 2003 Flashing An Arched Window”

Walking On Attic Cellulose

Q. Stiffening a Pony Wall for Tile I’m framing a new slab-on-grade home where the master shower is enclosed by a pair of 6-foot-tall pony walls that are connected to the flanking walls only at their ends. Because both partitions will be covered with ceramic tile, I’m wondering how I can frame a wall rigid … Continue reading “Walking On Attic Cellulose”