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Advantage Home Performance is participating in the Home Performance by ENERGY STAR energy audit program. This is a national program from the EPA, which offers a comprehensive, whole-house approach to improving energy efficiency and comfort in your home. This program is being sponsored in Arizona by APS, SRP and UniSource. The audit only costs you $99 because it is being subsidized by your utility.

Please do not confuse the $99 audit with a simple clipboard audit similar to what you may have had performed at your home in the past. This is not another average utility program.

The state-of-the-art audit that we perform is both sophisticated and comprehensive. Our auditors bring approximately ten thousand dollars’ worth of diagnostic equipment into your home to perform a comprehensive battery of tests. If you have not watched our Audit & Services video (to the left), please do so because it provides a great introduction.

We believe this audit program is genuinely a great value for Arizona rate payers. APS and SRP state in their marketing materials that the audit is a $400 to $500 value. We believe it is more like a $600 value, given the amount of time it takes to perform the audit, complete the thermal analysis and generate a scope of work. The homeowners, who take advantage of the audit and the rebates, can genuinely improve the comfort, efficiency and indoor air quality of their home at affordable prices.

Before you make any major energy improvements to your home, be it a new heating and air conditioning system, solar system or windows, we highly recommend that you consider investing in an audit. It is a logical process to evaluate a house and diagnose problems before one starts to prescribe solutions. Unfortunately, it is common for many contractors to sell you their particular product or service without taking the time to thoroughly understand what the problem really is in the first place.

A comprehensive audit uncovers the pre-existing building defects that, when repaired; provide the best return on investment and the most positive impact on building performance. Our auditors routinely identify a host of problems that are relatively inexpensive to repair when compared to many other energy improvements. Another added benefit is that by repairing these issues now, they don’t bounce back at you when it is time to sell your home.

The utilities also provide generous rebates for homeowners to incentivize possible energy improvements that are identified during the audit. The current rebates are for duct sealing, air barrier work, insulation and shade screens. The rebates can be as much as $1,000 for legitimate envelope repairs. In Northern Arizona, rebates can be substantially higher for APS and UniSource customers, where we can combine rebates. We also assist with other utility rebate programs for the Advanced AC Tune-up and higher efficiency mechanical systems. Advantage Home Performance can provide all these rebates because we offer all of these services.

APS and SRP also have a very attractive financing program available for customers who plan to proceed with energy improvements. To participate in the National Bank of Arizona financing program you must have an audit performed. The interest rates are very low. The loan amounts are from $1,000 to $15,000 for qualified repairs. You can find more information on the APS and SRP websites.

For a detailed breakdown of the audit process, see the Audit & Repair Process: Step by Step. This step by step guide informs you what to expect during the audit and energy improvement process. It also clearly explains how you can exit the process at any time. In the audit and repair process section, you’ll learn that we offer a visual audit as a precursor to the $99 audit that can save you time and money.

What makes Advantage Home Performance’s audit process distinct from many other companies is that we do not subcontract our audits. We genuinely believe that having our auditors work for Advantage Home Performance is critical to the success of the job. At every step of the way your auditor is available to respond to your questions or concerns.

The background and experience of your auditor will have a large bearing on the quality of the audit you receive. The BPI certification (Building Performance Institute) does not mean an auditor has enough field experience to perform complex building diagnostics and repairs. Our auditors are familiar with almost every phase of construction as well as building science theory. They know how to bid every service we offer. They also have the support of our heating and air conditioning technicians who will assist them when necessary on complicated bids and unique problems. Our auditors have a track record of solving customer’s problems. I genuinely believe we at Advantage Home Performance have some of the best auditors in the state.

If you decide to proceed with energy improvements, your auditor will be involved in the delivery of improvements and rebate paperwork. All of our repair work is with in-house crews, so our auditors are supervising co-workers, instead of subcontractors. In-house weatherization and heating and air conditioning crews help us maintain Advantage Home Performance’s high standards.

Unlike some companies, Advantage Home Performance is not a newcomer to the audit and repair process. Mike Uniacke, the owner of Advantage Home Performance, has been testing buildings, writing technical articles and teaching building science since the early 90’s. He has built a team of like-minded individuals who are now delivering some of the best home performance contracting work in the state. Correctly diagnosing and repairing buildings is in Advantage Home Performance’s DNA.

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