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Please take a moment and read through the types of services and inspections we charge for. To be clear, we don’t charge for estimates, but we do for several types of assessments. We have to slow down our inspectors in order to perform a proper diagnosis on homes that have complex problems. We believe that prescribing a solution without performing a proper assessment is a form of malpractice. The inspections we charge for we bring a unique expertise that few companies can match or replicate.

We believe our fees are fair and reasonable. These consultations / inspections aren’t meaningful revenue generators for the company. Our business model is based on implementing solutions, not on one or two hour meetings with customers. We are simply trying to cover the cost of spending several hours at your property and sharing our expertise with you. We also need to spend enough time to feel confident in our assessment and recommendations.

Fee for radon, moisture, IAQ and dust reduction inspections

We charge a fee for radon, moisture, indoor air quality and dust mitigation inspections. We need to do a complete and thorough enough assessment in order to understand your home. We charge a fee ranging from $200 to $400 for inspections regarding radon, dust and moisture. The fee is based on the size of the house and the number of mechanical systems in the home. This visual inspection is not a comprehensive audit.

The way to resolve a problem is to thoroughly understand it before repairs commence. Our goal is not to perform any work on your home without having a high degree of confidence that our proposed solutions will have a beneficial impact. Everyone loses if we set out to mitigate a problem and we don’t produce results.

Occasionally we run into homes and commercial buildings where there is not an obvious solution to a problem. In these instances prefer to recommend a comprehensive audit. We only recommend a comprehensive audit because we won’t proceed forward with repairs where we don’t have a high degree of confidence that the solutions we propose will work.

Comprehensive Audits

During a comprehensive audit we bring out approximately ten thousand dollars’ worth of diagnostic tools to test your home, along with an auditor who has hundreds of hours of training and thousands of hours of experience. This equipment includes blower doors, digital manometers, infrared cameras, combustion analyzers, flow hoods, etc. A comprehensive audit takes at least a half a day and longer on larger houses with multiple mechanical systems. It is a very thorough process that yields more specific information than a visual audit or what a home inspector will provide you with. After the audit is completed we provide a basic report and a quote for repairs.

We charge a fee for comprehensive audits because we place a value on both our time and expertise. A comprehensive audit is time consuming. We also have in house HVAC experts which we draw upon during our comprehensive audits. Our fee for a comprehensive audit starts at $600. This is for a home up to 2500 square feet with one mechanical system. The fee increases for larger homes with multiple HVAC systems. Our auditors are very thorough. The comprehensive audit is a very involved and time consuming process when done well and it is a valuable investment.


At Advantage Home Performance we genuinely hope that our articles and links have been informative and helpful. As much as we would like to help people outside of our service territory, we simply don’t have the time to talk to all the people who call here looking for more in-depth information. If you are out of one of our service areas or out of state we charge for consulting fee of $150 an hour. Manufacturers who want to speak with us will be charged $200 an hour.

We charge for time spent talking on the phone, support work and report writing if it is required. Our minimum charge is one hour. Calls must be prepaid prior to consulting commencing. We encourage people to do their research on the internet prior to calling us for consulting because the answers to most people’s questions can be found with a little bit of diligence.

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