Careers at Advantage Home Performance

Are you frustrated with the pressure to sell parts and products homeowners really don’t need like aerosolized duct sealing, air scrubbers…? Tired of working for a company that only pay lip service to quality. Disappointed with a company that won’t terminate lazy and negative coworkers. Then it is time for a change.

Advantage Home Performance attends to grow a rapid pace in between 2020 and 2023 and we won’t be able to without “A” players on our team. Half the two dozen people staff on our company payroll has been at the company for over 10 years. We do quality work. We treat people with dignity. And we know how to laugh and work together.

At Advantage Home Performance we are always on the lookout for salespeople, service technicians and installers who really care about quality, customer service and ethical behavior. If you are genuinely believe you would be a cultural fit at Advantage Home Performance email Mike Uniacke, the owner of Advantage Home Performance, and tell him your story –

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