About Us – Backup


Advantage Home Performance, formerly Advanced Insulation, was opened in 1997 by Mike Uniacke. Over the years the team at Advantage Home Performance kept adding services in order to better serve our customers. We recently changed the company’s name to Advantage Home Performance to reflect the fact that our focus is not simply on insulation, but on bringing our customers integrated solutions to solve problems. Our values, mission and high level commitment have not changed, just our name and our offer.

At Advantage Home Performance we offer a comprehensive range of services that are all focused on improving the comfort, efficiency and indoor air quality of our customers’ homes. Our in-house crews provide the following services: energy audits, heating & air conditioning, air barrier work, duct sealing & repairs, insulation, spray foam, shade screens and indoor air quality solutions having this broad range of services provides numerous benefits to both our customers and the company.

Our comprehensive offer helps prevent us from succumbing to a phenomenon we call “service bias.” You most likely have heard the saying “if the only tool you have is a hammer, all problems look like nails.” The mechanical contractor often sees new equipment as the solution. The insulator often sees insulation as the solution. The screen guy sees shade screens as the solution. We regularly encounter this behavior in the marketplace which results in homeowners purchasing products and services that don’t solve their problems.

It is important to emphasize that the energy auditor and energy audit process play a critical role in uniting all of these different services. By examining the whole home through the audit process we are able to make recommendations that mitigate our customers’ problems. We want to provide energy improvements that yield results for our customers. Our broad range of services positions our auditors to provide solutions based on what your home really needs.

We have learned a great deal by working on projects where the customer invested in envelope repairs, ductwork modifications and mechanical equipment replacement. We have seen the benefits of what can happen when the work is driven by a professional auditor supported by a company whose standards for installation are the high. The results we are getting for our customers are gratifying. The feedback loops we have created have proven invaluable.

For our customers it is obvious, but worth stating, that there are several benefits to working with one company as opposed to two or three. First off, there are fewer hassles and less confusion. Communication, scheduling, supervision, collecting rebates, etc. are simpler when you are dealing with one company. There is also more accountability when one company owns the final result. Advantage Home Performance is responsible for every aspect of your job and we prefer it this way.

A shared benefit of doing all of this work with in-house crews is that we have control over the quality of work and customer interaction. Advantage Home Performance doesn’t have to prod other companies to meet our high standards for workmanship. We know the crews who are working in your home because we hired and trained them. There is a high degree of cooperation on our jobs. Our crews know the company’s core values and commitment to quality. Our crews work with the help of an auditor who understands your house and its unique problems and characteristics.

We often get asked why more companies don’t have a more comprehensive offer like Advantage Home Performance. To begin with, many companies do not possess all of the licenses necessary for this type of offer. It is hard work to cultivate, manage and maintain all of these disparate services. We also invest heavily in internal training, hiring and education and many small companies simply don’t have the resources or drive for such a broad undertaking. Advantage Home Performance has the vision and determination to bring these services together under one roof, so we can solve our customers’ problems.

Advantage Home Performance has offices in Phoenix and Prescott. We have a General Contracting license, HVAC license and Insulation License. More important than licenses, certificates, articles written, etc. is our culture. We genuinely want to provide value for our customers. Please see Our Guarantee as evidence of our intense commitment to delivering great work and customer service. The video on our home page titled, “Our Customers Say it Best,” reflects our deep commitment to solving our customer’s home performance issues as well as delivering great customer service.

We are about quality and customer service. Our values and our people make the critical difference